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DR. Gerhard Konrad Seeberger


Intervista al DR.Gerhard Konrad Seeberger

Gerhard Konrad Seeberger

University of Würzburg, graduate DDS, Würzburg (GER).

License to practice dentistry and registration, Munich (GER).
License to practice dentistry and registration, Cagliari (ITA).

Private Dental clinic; focus on periodontology, implant, oral, periodontal surgery and functional esthetic oral rehabilitation, Cagliari (ITA).

Member “Praxis & Wissenschaft” German Society for Dental-, Oral- & Maxillo-Facial Sciences, DGZMK, Düsseldorf (GER).

Founding member & 1st President of Bavarian Study Club of Periodontology, Prof. Dr. Mick R. Dragoo, Munich (GER).

Member of Board of Lecturers of Italian Dental Association, AIO, Turin (ITA).

2003 – 2005
Councilor of Italian Dental Association, AIO, Turin (ITA).

Honorary member of Chicago Dental Society, CDS. Chicago (USA).
Fellow of Academy of Dentistry International, ADI, Hicksville (USA).

2005 – 2007
President of Italian Dental Association, AIO, Turin (ITA).

Delegate to Council of European Dentists, CED, Brussels (BEL).
Member of Editorial Board of “Prospettiva Odontoiatrica” Italian Dental Association, AIO, Turin (ITA).

President of Dental Order of Province of Cagliari & of Federation of Dental Chambers of
Sardinia, Cagliari (ITA).
Member of General Assembly of Italian Federation of Medical & Dental Orders, Rome (ITA).
Member of dental committees (dental instruments, sterilization processes, small steam
sterilizers) in Italian Organization for Standardization, UNI, Milan (ITA).

Associate Professor University “G. Popa” Faculty for Medicine & Pharmacology,
Department of Periodontics and Oral Surgery, Prof. Dr. Norina Forna, Iaşi (ROM).

2007 – 2010
Vice-president European Regional Organization of Fédération Dentaire.
Internationale, ERO, Geneva (SUI).

Member of ERO Working-group “Prevention”, Geneva (SUI).

2007 -2012
Assistant Professor University of Cagliari, Department of Clinical Periodontology & Implant
Surgery, Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Piras, Cagliari (ITA).

2008 -2013
Regent of Southern Europe, ADI, Hicksville (USA).

Fellow of Pierre Fauchard Academy, Logan (USA).

2010 – 2013
President of European Regional Organization of Fédération Dentaire
Internationale, ERO, Geneva (SUI).
Member of Committee for Planning of Workforce Need of Italian Ministry of Health, Rome (ITA).

2010 – 2014
Vice-president for International Affairs, ADI, Hicksville (USA).

Honorary Member of Bulgarian Dental Association, BgDA, Sofia (BUL).

Councilor of Fédération Dentaire Internationale, FDI, Geneva (SUI).
Member of Central Committee for Practice of Health Professionals and Disciplinary Board of
Italian Ministry of Health, Rome (ITA).
Member of CED Committee for Patient Safety, Brussels, (BEL).

2011 – 2014
Member of the FDI Oral Health Workforce Task Team, Geneva (SUI).

2012 – 2013
Member of the FDI Vision 2020 Task Team, Geneva (SUI).

Fellow & Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Montclair (USA).
Liaison Councilor to Science Committee of FDI, Geneva (SUI).

2013 – 2014
Member of Finance Committee of FDI, Geneva (SUI).

Vice-president for Finance & Administration, ADI, Hicksville (USA).
Speaker of the General Assembly of Fédération Dentaire Internationale, FDI, Geneva (SUI).

Chairman of Pierre Fauchard Academy Italian Chapter, Logan UT, (USA).


  • Seeberger GK. Impianti trasmucosi. Riv Ital Chir Maxillo-Facciale 2007;18:95-99
    Glick M, Monteiro da Silva M, Seeberger GK et al. FDI Vision 2020: shaping the future of oral health. Int Dent J
    2012 62:278-279.
  • Seeberger GK. Time is tight. Indian J Dent Res 2013;24:649-50.
    Author of over 40 articles in “Prospettiva Odontoiatrica” dealing with professional-political topics, AIO, Turin (ITA)


  • 2005 – Evaluation of CE events for dentistry on behalf of Italian Ministry of Health, Rome (ITA)
  • 2013 – Expert reviewer for Indian Journal of Dental Research
  • 2014 – Expert reviewer for Journal of Periodontal Research


More than 130 lectures in Africa, Asia, Europe, Northern- and Southern-America on clinical periodontology, implant- and oral surgery, patient safety, sterilization process and use of IT in dental practice.